Don't Stand
So Close to Me

Pink and Blue info graph
A visual representation of the dramatic change from normal life to quarantine and the assembly of time spent working from home.

There were infinite directions to attach to when considering the visual identity of the coronavirus. The red alert with the hazardous substance symbol, the kitchy memes, the glitchy pyjama pants zoom meetings, the common factor was chaotic panic.

The second part of my research and exploration was various creative representations of data, how they can take on organic shapes, strict grids and sometimes both, an important consideration for the representation of chaotic covid changes.

The sleep variable held its own drastic fluctuation from average day to at home life to covid sleeplessness, the wave’s visually interesting form had an alluring focal point to it. Travel had four variables and during the first few months of lockdown there was no semblance of structure or continuity, the data separated individually made a whimsical texture a semblance of rhythm in the chaotic random data.

I chose to take an organized chaotic approach, a reflection of our attempt to find some semblance of structure and routine through the twisting turning mess. Once the data was laid out the final composition tied together perfectly with a winding twisting turning timeline to flow and navigate through the massive amount of data compiled into the one poster, finding the coronavirus remote life balance between contrast, rhythm and chaos.