Lauren Ipsum

Lauren Ipsum Logo
The mandate for this was personal. In creating my own branding identity, the progression would be bland if it weren’t for the story and the influence behind this particular logo and name.

At the start of my Cegep career, most of my close friends in the program began to drop out and naturally the biggest question plaguing me was “am I supposed to be here?”  But the long late nights in our homy 4g6 lab found new comrades and the 2nd year students who found a new name for me, Lauren Ipsum. One night I forgot to log out of my machine and I found on my facebook wall when I returned home. A long paragraph saying “Hi my name is Lauren Ipsum I forgot to log out of my machine so…” I started to once again feel a sense of belonging and the name stuck with it.
The term Lorem ipsum, used for placeholder text came with its challenges. I started looking through symbols, bullet points, ligatures and all kinds of peculiar, interesting intricacies in type and came across the Manicule and the justified text symbols. From there development evolved naturally, blending the manicule with the justified icon, and the type mimicking the direction and flow.

The simplicity mixed with the bold really reflects my personality, and design style and a loud, happy and vibrant yellow.
instagram mockup on iPhone
Finger pinting icons on Yellow