3D David Bowie Puzzle in box on red background
A 3D desk toy tribute to David Bowie that educates about the 1980’s Italian Memphis Milano Movement

Exploring the initial form came with some exciting possibilities such as replicating original Memphis milano furniture (the Casa Blanca cabinet) andthe Super table lamp. Or a more style inspired approach like the Christian Dior fall 2011 couture collection, the set design of Saved by the Bell, or PeeWee’s playhouse.
The style’s off-beat unconventional shapes lend itself perfectly to the formof a tangram puzzle. The harmony between David Bowie’s most iconic look and the art movement fit perfectly; one side the quirky interior design piece, the other, a striking Bowie red and blue lightning bolt and sharp shoulder starman outfit. The biggest challenge was fitting one form into another without complex small pieces, ensuring the placement revealed the right side assembled.

The 3D format gave a third face on the edges to explore Memphis patterns and exciting textures that are so iconic to the 80’s and the Memphis movement. The bold colour palate and patterns easily risked clutter and messy, crowded look. The black and white sleeve and featured photos in the pamphlet ground the design, and make the colours truly pop.
3D lightning bolt David Bowie Puzzle on red background
Ettore Sottsass pamphlet on red background