Minnow Bathers

Minnow Bathers logo on turquoise
As a small company Minnow Bathers is growing rapidly. New collaborations with artists, product expansion and new stockists around the world all demand a strong identity.

This branding proposal takes a new look that translates the bold artistic identity of Minnow Bathers and joins it with the ocean. A bright colour palate that takes a piece of the coral reef and captures the life and energy of the ocean and all its unique forms.

Their goal is to promote ocean conservation, sunstainability and body positivity, to build a brand that reminds customers of the change they’re making by wearing a Minnow suit.
3 Minnow Bathers Bathing suits Modelled
Using a minimalist combination of the bathing suit strap form and the standard fish icon the logo has strong bold strokes and creates a unique pattern put together for various creative applications and extensions.

The colours are distinct, unique and embody life and fun and are pulled straight from the ocean.
Minnow Bathers turquoise